MetroConf Live Kingdom Hall Audio Video Services

In the critical economic times in which we live, it is certainly important to manage rising Kingdom Hall operating costs and preserve dedicated funds. Thus, a willing spirit has moved individual members of Jehovah's Witnesses to provide high-quality telephone tie-ins, phone hookups (sometimes called a telephone link up) and tie lines (known as conference services) at a very low cost to Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses. METROCONF has been an example of such a service, and from 2012 until 2020 it has delivered high-quality video live streaming and telephone tie in (conferencing) services for friends and Kingdom Halls in the United States and Canada. The purpose of this service has been to make it possible to listen to or watch Kingdom Hall meetings at home when illness and old age make it difficult or impossible to attend.

Until 2020 METROCONF has been available in all of the United States and Canada (including rural areas), and has made it very easy to listen to the meetings at the Kingdom Hall. "Commenting" and video services have also been made available and included in the service. Listening to the program has been done through the use of the website, or by requesting a call back through the use of a toll-free number. Therefore, listeners would never incur long distance charges.

METROCONF has been provided at a very low cost to help Kingdom Halls preserve dedicated funds for other uses. Among the friends that have used the service, the feedback from Kingdom Halls regarding the price and quality of the service has been overwhelmingly positive. In terms of security and scalability, the video and conferencing service has been hosted in a secure data center, meaning that hardware, security, and networking have been monitored and maintained by experienced data center personnel. METROCONF has ensured high availability, redundancy and scalability, meaning that the same high quality audio and video could be delivered at all times, even during times of high demand.

Connecting to the Tie-In (Conference) Service for Kingdom Halls

Access numbers:

1-844-221-2100 (English Toll-Free in North America)

1-888-971-4092 (French Toll-Free in North America)

1-855-953-4100 (Spanish Toll-Free in North America)

All congregations and groups using the auditorium would typically share the same PIN number which could also be used for special events, such as memorials and weddings. Customer support may be contacted here.

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